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Mission Statement

Society is facing multiple environmental challenges, climate change and global change as most demanding, this raises the need for scientific expertise in the field of Sustainability Studies.

Sustainable Development forms an ambitious challenge for society. Scientific innovations, aiming equally at social, economic and ecological improvements, demand for an interdisciplinary analysis of the interrelationships between society and nature. Therefore, we have to improve our understanding of these systems, as well as their interrelations. Sustainability Studies connect different disciplines, ranging from natural to social sciences and the humanities, which permits to build a basis for an integrated analysis of sustainability problems. This analysis ranges from an exploration of social and economic dimensions of men-nature-interrelations, to a stronger focusing on the species “homo sapiens” and its interrelations to nature, until applied studies of environmental protection and resource management.

Interdisciplinarity is an essential pre-condition for these approaches. Linkages between various universities enrich students during their academic career. This platform is designed to bridge scientific and institutional borders and publicize different courses in the field of sustainability studies in Vienna. Viennese Universities offering manifold possibilities for studying sustainability from various perspectives within a city, which is renowned for it’s high standard of living.


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